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March 10, 2021

Did you hear about the Data box and how it can simplify communication with the Czech authorities? If not, then we have a special edition for you! We have prepared a series of articles where you will learn everything you need to know about the Data box! 

What is a data box?

In simple terms, a data box is a more secure email inbox established by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. It is used for communicating with the Czech authorities, but can also be used by private entities without any worries.

What are the advantages of a data box?

When compared to a standard e-mail inbox, there is one significant advantage – the provable delivery of a document to the addressee. In other words, if you send a document via a data box (for clarity´s sake, a letter), you are guaranteed its immediate delivery to the relevant Czech authority. In addition, sending a letter via a data box to the Czech authorities is free of charge. In contrast, if you were to send a letter via Czech Post, you would be charged, with delivery at a later date, not straight away.


Here you can see how the login to the Data box looks like

Guaranteed delivery – irreversible proof

If you establish a data box, the Czech authorities are obliged to deliver all documents to it. Basically, you don´t have to send important letters by mail or by any other means. If you receive a letter in your data box, you know exactly when the authority sent the letter to you and when it was delivered to you. This is especially useful in cases when an authority specifies a deadline for you to perform a certain task. If you reply to the relevant authority via a data box, you know again exactly when your letter was delivered to that authority. For both parties, this represents irreversible proof of delivery. What is more, the whole process takes place electronically – you do not have to do any paperwork.


A data box enables you to send letters to the Czech authorities in electronic form. The communication with the Czech authorities is also more efficient – i.e. faster, more reliable, and free of charge. You simply have all your documents in electronic form and together in one place.

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