Extension of the employee card and how to proceed

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March 31, 2021

Extension of validity of employee card

By default, the employee card is issued to a foreign national for the period of time they have employment arranged with an employer. Although this period of time is limited to a maximum of two years, it is important to know that you can extend the validity of your employee card repeatedly (always based on the duration of the arranged employment), but no longer than for two years at a time. 

 You can file your application for extending the validity of your employee card here in the Czech Republic with the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic/Ministerstvo vnitra ČR. It is therefore not necessary for you to travel back to your home country for this purpose. The application may be filed at the earliest 120 days before your current employee card expires, and the latest on the last day your employee card is valid. 

Bridging label – what does it mean?

There is no need to worry if the validity of your employee card is not extended before the current validity period runs out. You can stay and work in your current position until a decision on the extension of the validity of your employee card is issued. Between the end of the validity period of your original employee card and the day it is extended, it is assumed that your current employee card is valid – you will receive a so-called bridging label in your passport. Normally, the authority will issue a decision on the extension of an employee card within 60 days. Should the authority require additional documents from you as the applicant, in order to evaluate your application, the above period is prolonged. In extreme cases, should the validity of your first bridging label expire, you will be issued with another one. You can therefore still live and work here without any problems.


What proof do we need for the request of extension?

You can find the completed form “Application for an employee card” HERE.

  • There is no need to prove the employment contract, just a valid amendment to the employment contract is enough,
  • you must also provide proof that you have secured accommodation (typically a valid lease),
  • photograph, in case of change of appearance,
  • passport,
  • any proof of professional competence for a certain job is documented if the previously issued one has expired or if the job position or employer has changed during your previous employment card, 
  • only an up-to-date criminal record from your home country on request.

The first important piece of information is that if you are applying for an extension of an employee card where you already work, there is NO need for your employer to report this job to the Labor Office.

Other things you need to know

Firstly, if you are applying to extend the validity of your employee card for a work position you continue to maintain, it is NOT necessary for your employer to report your work position to the Labor Office / Úřad práce.

Secondly, the process looks at whether your employer is reliable and also, at the position of the Labor Office, which has the capacity to deny the extension in view of the current situation on the labor market.

Issuance of extended employee card

Upon providing all the required documents and satisfying the conditions for extending the validity of your employee card, the Ministry of the Interior will invite you to appear in person to collect your biometric data. (Please do not underestimate the importance of this invitation. Failing to appear upon request forms grounds for the discontinuation of the application procedure.) All that remains for you to do is to personally pick up your card from the Ministry when it is ready. You can do so no later than 60 days from the day your biometric data was collected. Once again, failure to appear and accept the residence permit card forms grounds for the discontinuation of the application procedure.

If you are not sure what particular steps you should take or what documents need to be provided, do not give up. Contact our staff with confidence and we would be happy to help you with everything. 

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